INAICTA 2008 was an appropriate event to appreciate ICT activists. Additionally, INAICTA-2008 is expected to spur the revival of the National ICT industry in accordance with the spirit of the National Awakening which He swore 100 years ago by the children of the nation.

Various preparations carried out by the implementation team to succeed INAICTA 2008. Among done is to prepare the preparation for the race, including filling the website, register the race and coordinate the implementation of the race, setting up socialization, publicity and promotion. Then the implementation team to prepare and carry out activities of the awards (award), as well as administration and procurement budgets. Other preparatory activities are to face the International race (training center) for the winners INAICTA 2008 which will appear in the international arena.

INAICTA-2008 contains a series of events that began in March 2008 and ended in August 2008. The main activity in 2008 was a race INAICTA work and innovation in the field of ICT, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, business matching program and evening bestowal.

Launching held today, Monday, March 3, 2008 as the start of the various series of INAICTA-2008 and during the months of March to May 2008, the committee will carry out the strategy of "Pick up Ball" with a roadshow to several cities in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Denpasar and Medan in the hope of getting more participants with better quality.

Competition Registration open from April to mid May 2008. Registration is done online at the website INAICTA After the judging was conducted from June 2008 until the end of July 2008 to assess the results of the work of the incoming participants.

August is the peak of activity INAICTA 2008 so many events held. Among the more mature workshops for knowledge about ICT such as Blogs, Wikipedia, Open Source Software, Animation, Robot, Game Developers and Google Mobile. Provided also Boothcamp as a place to display a quality product and has a great potential buyers in Indonesia.

Category INAICTA 2008 competed as much as 10 categories with 10 sub-categories, consisting of: e-Government, e-Business (corporate, SME, e-health), e-Education, e-Entertainment (games and animation), e-Turism & e-Culture, Tools & Infrastructure, Research & Development, Student Project (elementary, junior high, high school, university), Robot (elementary, junior high, high school, General), Smart Campus. Among several categories will be contested during the exhibition such as e-inclusion, Robot, User Generated Content, Games, Animation Film Festival, Web School, Computer Assembling and Over Clocking.

Winners and participants who have a potential work gets a chance to meet and 'sell' his work to investors and foster Technopreneurship among the sons and daughters of the nation to continue to work where the work is to be used and not just to host in their own country but also capable of being consumption quality and triumphed in other countries.

With the support of ICT community in Indonesia, INAICTA-2008 will be an important milestone in the development and the rise of ICT in Indonesia towards a knowledge-based society in 2015.

Congratulation INAICTA 2008