On August 28, 2012 at the Office of the Multimedia Division Lt-17 has performed the contract between PT Inovasi Tritek Informasi is represented by the Director of M Hanif Dinada and PT Telkom Indonesia was represented by EGM achmad Sugiarto Multimedia Division in the provision of  services health application system for Health Center.

The concepts and technologies that will be applied in the clinic management information system eventually is to use cloud computing technology, so that all access and will be integrated patient data online.

By applying this technology later would provide many benefits to the health care units in Indonesia, especially health centers due to the telecom network coverage already available in Indonesia will be easier to provide access to be able to use the health center information system application that is enough to access the Internet using some telecom products like Astinet, speedy it will automatically be able to use the application information system health centers (ePuskesmas)
As data storage applications using server hosting telecoms been designed with security systems to ensure patient data transaction later.

In the early stages of the contract was agreed to during the 3-year period and will be further evaluated for time-time that will come. Expectations of this cooperation will be further strengthen the position of PT Telkom Indonesia as the provider of links and internet connection and PT Inovasi Tritek Informasi as a provider of health information system application to be able to provide the best health information system solutions in Indonesia.