PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk hold Indigo Fellowship 2012. Indigo Fellowship is an appreciation to individuals or groups who are considered successful in making digital creative work and provide benefits to the wider community. Indigo Fellowship 2012 Launching event was held on May 4, 2012 by the President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia Mr. Rinaldi Firmansyah with the Director of ITS & S Mr. Indra Utoyo located in Bandung Digital Valley - Tower RDC Lt. 4 Jl. Gegerkalong Hilir No. 47 Bandung.

On the occasion of the launching of this Executive General Manager of Multimedia PT Telkom Indonesia Joddy Hernady stated competitions or appreciation will make them feel more valued. "Moreover, the 21st century is a creative era after era of agriculture," he said at the launch of the Indigo Fellowship 2012 last Friday.

He said the creators of creative products, particularly the field of Information Technology (IT) also must be ready to do the commercialization of its products.

The growth of the creative industries is obtained thanks to the animation world, software and multimedia. He also mentioned the contribution of the creative industries targeted 11% to gross domestic product (GDP) in 2014 by the relevant ministries.

The winners Indigo Fellowship, he will be given an amount of capital to develop the business. "This is a way of Telkom grow the creative industries in the country," he said.

Chairman of the Jury Indigo Fellowship 2012 S. Day Sungkari declare the event will grow digitalpreneur beneficial to the industry.

According to him, without entrepreneurial creative industries would not exist. "The resulting work is expected not just a prototype, but also must be able to enter the market," he said. To that end, the product must have a clear business model. And potentially make a profit when sold.

He said there are some categories that are contested in the event that the application and content for tourism, health, education, comic, animation, social games, short movies and video clips as well as digital radio.

On that occasion also invited as resource persons CEO of PT Innovation Tritek Information M Hanif Dinada as indigo winner in 2010 who also has received venture for Infokes products - information and health monitoring for sharing share experiences and provide motivation to the participants who will take part in the competition year this 2012.

In this May started registration for participants Indigo Fellowship, 2012. All participants will be selected according to predetermined criteria. This event brought together judges from industry, media, academia, and the digital community.