In the midst of competition in the telecommunications industry and the information is very tight, information and communication technology (ICT) increase rapidly. The rapid development of ICT makes digital creative industry is growing very fast and PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk. (Telkom) has an interest in order to support the digital creative industries thrive. One of the efforts Telkom so that the creative industry is forging ahead is to always encourage the birth of new innovation through an integrated ecosystem.

This was conveyed by the Director of Telkom, Rinaldi Firmansyah, during the inauguration of the facility Bandung Digital Valley, Tuesday (20/12) at Telkom Research and Development Center (RDC), Bandung.

Further explained by Rinaldi Firmansyah that Bandung Digital Valley is an initiative of Telkom in developing ecosystem is expected to be the starting point to support the acceleration of ICT penetration in Indonesia. ? Ecosystem in question is local industries such as application developers, content providers to telecommunications equipment industry ,? Rinaldi said. Rinaldi explained that the use of broadband optical fiber as the backbone of the ICT infrastructure needs to be optimized by developing a wide range of useful applications and content for the industry and the community, which is why Telkom concerned to encourage this industry through the development of the ICT ecosystem in Indonesia.

Literally, the meaning "Ecosystem" is an ecological system that is formed by the mutual relationship between the living environment. Ecosystems can be regarded as a unit arrangement completely and thoroughly between all elements of the environment that influence each other.

According to Rinaldi, Bandung Digital Valley will bring the teknopreneur and teknoventura into a mutually beneficial cooperation platform. This cooperation is a form of long-term investment for ICT business continuity in Indonesia which is expected to be the major business centers in the future. "TELKOM has committed to invest up to 50 billion" said Rinaldi.

BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY located on the campus of TELKOM RDC Geger Kalong with broad range of 3 hectares, the RDC Building 4th floor incubation place has the capacity of a capacity of 100 developers with an area of ??1200 square meters of space that would be ideal and comfortable environment for developers to do ideation, creation and innovation of ICT solutions. The facilities provided in this VALLEY DIGITAL BANDUNG include a gadget room to test applications and content at the same time demonstrating the results of the solutions developed to feel the customer experience. Creative Corner where the personnel perform applications and content development solutions, meeting room as a place for meeting partners, sharing knowledge etc., longue to conduct informal meetings, discussions and caf? cozy corner with an atmosphere that is expected to grow the creative ideas of the developers. The incubation center, also supported by the server as an incubator supporting applications solutions and content.

Bandung Digital Valley Being Excellent Innovation Ecosystem

BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY is the bridge between the preneur or application developer by market or industry as absorbent or users of the application. BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY has two strategic role in this industry, namely as a resource pool and hub. As a resource pool, BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY will collect and manage potential developers and communities throughout Indonesia, manage funding from both internal and external companies, providing education and advocacy of business and commercial products also manage the products that have been produced by the developers so it's ready for commercialized.

Additionally BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY also will encourage the development of creative cells in various places throughout Indonesia and became the hub that connects the cells creative and the community. BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY also will provide support facilities development and commercialization of applications and content. With these initiatives, it is expected the national creative industry in the coming years will be developed that will provide an increasingly significant contribution to our national GDP.

? Through this program we are confident will be able to build a creative cell in Indonesia will be more excited. With open access, both to customers, application developers, industry with open innovation is expected with the DIGITAL VALLEY BANDUNG this will be a hub that can connect a variety of creative cells with creative communities that exist ,? Rinaldi light. Of course, BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY should be able to be a means to build networks (networking) between developer and provider of funds, such as venture capital. Not only that, BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY also provide complete supporting facilities ranging from development, design to commercialization.

After the construction of this facility, we also have set a number of targets community built and managed by BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY within the next few years. Expected from this community will grow hundreds of developers who have high qualifications and ready to be an entrepreneur in this industry. BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY also be supported by dozens of local companies and educational institutions and global partners. So we hope that future applications and creative content from BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY would flood the stores / markets in the various platforms that are popular in the community and become a trend among the first adopters such as Android, Blackberry, Apple and others.

In addition to solutions for personal and residential segments, BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY also provide solutions for the enterprise segment. BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY be focused to produce a solution Software As A Service by utilizing virtualization technology, mobile cloud solutions, machine to machine. In a time not long before we are optimistic BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY will generate thousands of SaaS solutions, applications and content and enterprise applications as well as applications for games, edutainment, music, animation and software solution (exasperated) for local and global markets.

Rinaldi explained that BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY will provide education and advocacy for all developers, both technical and business competencies competency so that any application developer can commercialize innovation results in a planned and targeted.

The long term goal BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY is to encourage and accelerate the self-sufficiency of ICT, in particular applications and content so that in the future all the needs of the majority of applications and content will be met by the developer in the country, besides, Indonesia can show the achievements in the field of digital creative industry in the region and internationally . Short-term goals will provide advocacy / guidance in terms of both technical and business in the development of content-based solutions and applications that can be beneficial, both for society and industry. Technical advocacy will be given in the form of learning and assistance in making application development, socialization of a growing trend, conduct lab tests and others.

Meanwhile, business guidance will be given in the form of learning the business as a market opportunity analysis, creation of business models, assistance how to sell and others. "Our vision is that BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY would be an excellent innovation ecosystem, the scheme of cooperation (partnership) that is mutually beneficial and modern support system.

Another strategic step is to cooperate with several technology providers in the provision of systems, including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, SAP. Previously, BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY also has worked with the winner Indigo Venture, a group of developers from Indonesia Creative Information Society (MIKTI), various Universities / Polytechnics, Electrical Alumni Association (IAE) ITB and other application developer community. "We hope BANDUNG DIGITAL VALLEY will be a forerunner to the development of a national digital creative industry based on integrated ecosystem that provides benefits to Indonesia's progress", Rinaldi put an end to his statement.