As a service provider of leading-edge information technology solutions, PT Inovasi is always using the right technology and the latest. In addition, PT Inovasi Endeavor to always carry the Open Source model and establish models LGPL license (Lesser General Public License) for various release products.

Developer team PT Inovasi has experience in development in a variety of operating systems such as Windows and Linux (* nix) with a development platform based on Java and PHP, as well as the use of databases Oracle, mySQL. In a web-based application development, PT Inovasi using REST architecture (Representational State Transfer) so that applications can evolve according to technological developments and consumer needs. PT Inovasi also implements distributed computing system (ubiquitous computing) with the integration of mobile devices (such as mobile phones and PDA) and smart card.


Products of PT Inovasi developed based on requested specifications by customers and design of teams PT Inovasi. Product development is done by iterative models, thus the user is expected to be able to feel and see the products in stages as well as communication with the user can be used as a basis for improvements in the next version, so that the product can be used and serves as the user's expectations


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